Thursday, 2 February 2012

Change the text typed in a text box to upper case using CSS

Hi friends ,
Today my discussion is about change the  text typed in a HTML
text box into uppercase
.   It can be simply achieve using a simple CSS
property text-transform.
        We only set the text-transform to uppercase just like this  :

Here is the sample code
<input type="text" style="text-transform:uppercase">

Here  the usage of style parameter is inline CSS.   In the style parameter
of <input> contains text-transform:uppercase. It instructs the browser
to transform the text typed in the text box to upper case.

       Other possible values for text-transform parameter are
lowercase and capitalize.
 text-transform:lowercase convert the text typed to lowercase.
 text-transform:capitalize convert the first letter of each word of text typed to uppercase.

       Hope that this post will be helpful to you.
 Thanks by Sukesh B R

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